Amy Fisher, Attorney at Law

Mediation Attorney

Amy is an attorney who graduated from Santa Clara University with a Juris Doctorate in Law, and is trained as a commercial mediator putting her training to good use mediating employee/manager disputes in both large corporations and small companies over the last 15 years. Amy’s mediation training includes Commercial Mediation with Conflict Resolutions, Negotiations at Santa Clara University, Alternate Dispute Resolution at El Camino Hospital, and Attorney Mediated Divorces Mediation Training.

Amy has also worked for Judges in Domestic Violence court; she has interned for the District Attorney’s office and she has worked in an employment clinic.

Amy also understands mediated divorces from personal experience – her first marriage was dissolved by use of a mediator over 18 years ago. She experienced first hand how using a more collaborative method was less expensive, allowed the process to be done more quickly, reduced the emotion of interactions, and promoted the well being of the long term relations for the welfare of her children.

Using her legal background and life experience in resolving conflicts, she will bring both knowledge and compassion to help you move through to the next phase in your relationship.

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