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Divorce Mediation in San Jose, CA

Offering Over 35 Years of Legal Experience

Our team at Attorney Mediated Divorces focuses on providing alternative solutions to traditional divorce court proceedings. Led by Attorney Valerie S. Tarvin, we offer a wide range of family law and divorce mediation services, as well as collaborative law strategies and assistance with post-divorce judgment modifications.

We understand that divorce can be incredibly stressful for the parties involved. Because of this, we facilitate arriving at a mutual agreement by guiding our clients through the family mediation process. Our goal is to help you resolve outstanding issues with your spouse in a timely, cost-effective manner while avoiding the stress of a drawn-out court battle. At Attorney Mediated Divorces, we are here to help you and your family through this challenging time.

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Why Choose Mediation Over Litigation?

A highly contentious, litigated divorce often costs a tremendous amount of money, sometimes takes years to conclude, delegates many decisions to a judicial officer, and often leaves the parties angry and polarized in their positions.

You Save Money

If marital partners have progressed beyond the emotional pain which accompanies most separations, and can deal with one another in a fair and businesslike fashion, mediation can save both parties thousands of dollars. Instead of paying two sets of law firms thousands of dolars, the partners save those funds to divide as part of their marital estate.

You Save Time

If both marital partners are motivated to untangle their personal involvement and financial affairs and can also agree upon the important matters (such as their children, what amount of income both partners earn and need, and how they want their assets divided), an agreement can be reached as quickly as the partners are ready to reach it.

You Design Your Deal

In most cases, a divorce is the biggest lawsuit you will ever face and it touches every aspect of what is near and dear to your heart – especially your children. With such significant decisions to be made, mediation allows you to be part of designing your own deal rather than relying upon a Judicial Officer to make orders by which you will then have to live.

You Decrease Stress

There is a world of difference in the process between participating in mediation versus living with the burden of being a party to a contentious divorce action. In mediation there are no hearings and no trials. The very nature of a divorce is to bring about change and acrimony when couples must face each other as opponents in court. Mediation should lessen the emotional turmoil and stress that is created by divorce litigation.

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